Picture of Letnitsa treasure - luxurious gift
Picture of Letnitsa treasure - luxurious gift Picture of Letnitsa treasure - luxurious gift

Letnitsa treasure - luxurious gift

Art replica of the Letnitsa treasure - luxurious gift

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The Letnitsa treasure is a silver treasure from the 4th century BC, discovered near the village of Letnitsa, Lovech, in 1963

It consists of 17 silver applications of horse ammunition and one bronze bridle and it fits among the most precious Thracian relics found in our lands. The images on the  are related to the Thracian mythology. It is stored in the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia.

The treasure is made of beautifully ornamented gold-plated silver plates. Some of these relics have obviously decorated a horses harness. The horse is a sun symbol according to the Thracian beliefs. The images and scenes engraved on the finds tell us about the mythology and the life of the Thracians. The silver objects are rectangular or with irregular shape.

The art replicas are made of copper, silver-plated with the highest sample of silver 995 and are partially gold-plated with 24-carat gold. The metal part is firmly attached to a luxurious wooden stand, which can hang on a wall. The size of the wooden stand is 13 cm to 13 cm. A gold-plated signed plate can be glued to the stand by the customer's request. Available also with plexiglas table stand, the price of the stand is 4 BGN.

The luxurious souvenir is without a box. It can be packed in a luxury box, which is 5 lv and in a handmade wooden luxury box, which is 15 lv.

Unique protocol and luxury gift, related to the history of Bulgaria!

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