Picture of Gilded mask from the  Dalakova mogila

Gilded mask from the Dalakova mogila

Replica of a gilded mask from the Dalakova mogila

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Handmade gilded art replica of a mask from the Dalakova mogila, with a wooden pedestal, a diameter of 150 mm

The golden mask was discovered by Prof. Dr. Georgi Kitov’s team. It belonged to a Thracian ruler who reigned in the early 4th century BC. It is supposed to have decorated a wooden helmet, wrapped in leather, and was meant to respect the enemies with the riches of the Thracian ruler.

The treasure was found in a tomb in a mound near the village of Kaloyanovo in Sliven. The found golden mask is the second largest in Bulgaria, belonged to an unknown ruler, buried in this place. The mask is flat, with a large nose and closed eyes. Archaeologists find a golden ring - around the image of the Thracian King is carved an inscription which reads: "The Savior of Asia". There is also a skeleton of a 170 cm high skull without a skull that is separated from the corpse and placed around the pelvis.

The artefact is wrapped in a luxury cardboard box with a special mask bed. Inside the box is covered with luxurious silk velvet.

Unique, royal present worthy of connoisseurs!

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