Picture of Silver-plated cup for whiskey

Silver-plated cup for whiskey

Silver and gold-plated cup for whiskey

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Gifts only for real men!

A luxurious whiskey cup is hand-made of copper, gold-plated with 24-carats and silver-plated with sample 999.

The cup is 100 mm high, with a diameter of 93 mm and a capacity of 400 ml. A logo or other inscription can be engraved on each item. The cups are made by personal order.

Execution time - 5 days (depending on the workload of the workshop).

Gifts only for connoisseurs and aestheticians, which will give glamor, style and sense of subdued luxury to any interior!

Посребрена чаша за уиски
SKU: 1832
Manufacturer part number: 1832
370,00 лв.
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