Picture of Luxury Set with Rogozen Treasure
Picture of Luxury Set with Rogozen Treasure Picture of Luxury Set with Rogozen Treasure

Luxury Set with Rogozen Treasure

Luxury set with three vessels, art replicas of Thracian Rogozen Treasure

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Rogozen treasure is Thracian silver treasure discovered in early 1986 in the village Rogozen, Bulgaria. This is the greatest treasure ever  found in Bulgaria. It consists of 108 phials,  54 jugs and 3 cups total of 165 subjects from high purety silver, some - gold.

Due to the difference in style and construction of vessels, it is concidered that the treasure was produced at different times and different places. So dating of the treasure is relatively wide: from 6 to 4 th century BC. It is supposed that the tresure was owned by a local Royal Thracian family from the time of greatest prosperity and power of the Thracian culture on the Balcan Peninsula.

The beggest part of Rogozen treasure is exposed in the Regional History Museum Vratsa and 20 vessels are exposed in the National History Museum of Bulgaria in Sofia.

Rogozen treasure was declared  for the archaeological discovery of the century in Bulgaria.

The museum artistic creations are hand made of copper, with silver plated 999,9 and partly gold plated 24 carats.

A unique luxury gift related to the history and culture of the Thracians. Vessels can be practically used.

Picture of Комплект  Рогозенско съкровище
Комплект Рогозенско съкровище
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