Picture of Replica of a small jug from the Rogozen treasure

Replica of a small jug from the Rogozen treasure

Gold-plated and silver-plated small jug of Rogozen treasure

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Rogozen treasure - exquisite antiques that touch us with the aesthetics of the Thracians, the rituals of the priests and the life of kings and rulers ....

The Rogozen treasure was discovered accidentally in 1985. There have been discovered 42 jugs, 22 filals and one cup, which were handed over to the museum's collaborators in the town of Vratsa. The total number of objects in the Rogozen Treasure is 165 silver vessels, of which 54 cans, 3 cups and 108 filals.

The replicas of the Rogozen treasure are gifts that would not leave anyone indifferent!

The replica of the jug is produced with great skill and precision. Elegant shape, clean design and perfect craftsmanship are a continuation of the tradition of ancient masters. The jug is silver-plated with the highest sample of silver 999,9 and a 24-carat gilding. The jug is 130 mm high, with a diameter of 70 mm and a capacity of 230 ml. The beautiful golden ornaments of the jug are in the shape of a lotus. Packed in a luxurious, handmade box.

The replica is made by personal order. Execution period up to 10 business days.

The silver-plated replica of the original jug, which decorated the table of an unknown Thracian ruler, is a vessel that gives class and luxury to every home!

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