Picture of Set "Rogozen treasure"

Set "Rogozen treasure"

Silver and gold-plated wine set "Rogozen treasure"

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Silver-plated and gold-plated wine set "Rogozen treasure"

Unique wine set - glasses and jugs for special people and occasions ... Drinking your wine in a silver glass, poured from a silver-plated and gold-plated jar, is not only a sign of style, level and class, it's a sign of your way of life! A life in which beauty and real things are appreciated!

The price is for a set of wine glasses - 200 ml - 2 pcs, 1 pc. jug - 1.2l. The height of the jug is 210 mm and its diameter is 120 mm; the height of the glasses is 135 mm and the diameter is 75 mm. The set is made by personal order. Term of execution - 10 days.

Unique corporate gift, luxurious wedding gift, unique jubilee gift and dear friend!

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