Picture of Handmade necklace by seeds

Handmade necklace by seeds

Artistic handmade necklace by seeds

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Natural betel nut from a tropical environment mirrors the warmth and passion of hot summer days. Beads have a light lacquer coat to enhance shine and durability. Nuts from the buri tree, a palm native to the Philippines, are hand carved into beads that have a smooth finish and are exceptionally lightweight. Coated for durability and shine.Fast-growing Korean boxwood, a cultivated wood, was used to make this collection of lightweight, non-toxic, natural-color painted beads. Eco-friendly
Picture of Дълъг шарен гердан от мъниста и семена
Дълъг шарен гердан от мъниста и семена
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Manufacturer part number: 1518
50,00 лв.
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