Picture of Hand-embroidered silk scarf
Picture of Hand-embroidered silk scarf Picture of Hand-embroidered silk scarf

Hand-embroidered silk scarf

Hand-embroidered silk scarf with motifs from the Bulgarian embroidery
Manufacturer: Maya Tancheva

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Hand-embroidered silk scarf

The symbolism and aesthetics of the Bulgarian embroidery are unique. Every element has its deep meaning and message. The center of the female beginning is filled, ie it is fertilized. It is a heartfelt message of success and abundance in every undertaking. The Flower of Life - The DNA of the universe is in the form of a cross, with the knowledge that faith is an integral part of the home where the embroidery is placed. The flower of life is surrounded by four rhombuses, a symbol of the male principle - every fireplace must be protected, and the dreams of its inhabitants should come true! ... so is the prayer of the Bulgarian lady for her  her children and her family ...
The elegant, embroidered with golden threads (which reminds us of the silk dresses of Bulgarian queens) a silk scarf is a continuation of the Bulgarian woman's tradition, which perceived her formal garment as a ritual rather than as an usual one. It is a really stylish, unique and incredibly Bulgarian accessory. Every lady in style would appreciate a similar emphasis on her garment! The scarf is made of a silk georgette with silk threads and it is 140 cm to 40 cm. It is made to order. Term of execution - 7 working days.

A unique gift for a woman that every lady in style would appreciate as an accent to her garment!

Picture of Ръчно бродиран копринен шал
Ръчно бродиран копринен шал
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