Luxury gifts

This is a category for luxury gifts. Every person is unique and therefore the gift should be a VIP and luxury. Yet, in this category we have selected art works of high artistic value, original handmade items, luxury items that add style and class to any interior.

These are unique and unforgettable VIP gifts for man, for woman, for office, for diplamats, business gifts and corporate gifts.

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Photo album, forged copper

Unique photo album with a cover of forged copper
70,00 лв.

Luxury Souvenir - The Panagyurishte Treasure

Luxurious souvenir with art replica of the Panagyurishte treasure
65,00 лв.

Сребърна лъжица

Сребърна лъжица
86,00 лв.

Box for wine - 700 ml

Handmade copper box for wine - 700 ml
50,00 лв.