Блогове с таг 'reaplicas of treasures'

Thracian treasure from Borovo, Bulgaria- 15 декември 2016 г.

Bulgaria is known with many Thracian treasures. These treasures were exhibited in the halls of the Louvre and art connoisseurs from around the world were able to see them and admire them.
One of the famous Thracian treasures is Borovo treasure and it  was discovered accidentally by Traicho Stoev in 1974 in the village of Borovo, Ruse, Bulgaria. In plowing tractors brought to the surface the ancient objects. Now Borovo treasure is part of the exhibits of the Regional Historical Museum, Rousse.

The treasure consists of 5 silver vessels - bowl rhytonised kettle, three rhytons - a horse, a bull and a winged sphinx. It is assumed that the vessels are part Odrysian Treasury, which was conquered by Phylip II of Macedonia 339 BC. On two rhytons there are signs of Odrysian king Cotis I (383-359 BC. Chr.) and  it is assumed that the whole service had been donated by Thracian rulers in the town Beos to the king Cotis

The most interesting vessel from this treasure is rhytonised jug with a hole.  Jug is made of silver giltwith  height 16.5 cm and a diameter at the mouth of 9 cm and dated about 383-360 BC. Jug is covered with three figural frieze that are interpreted in the spirit of mysterial rituals connected with the cult of the Kabiri. 

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